Jackson Hole Photo Tour

Welcome to Jackson, Wyoming!

The Jackson Hole Photography Tour is unique since it actually covers less territory than any other Teton Touring Company Tour. It’s quality over quantity.

Let’s fill your day with the sights, sounds and scenery that will leave you wondering just how we did it!

We meet you at anywhere in Jackson you specify and then guide you to places most visitors to Jackson Hole never see.

Good morning! It’s 8:30 AM and we’re ready to go. 
Care for a cup of freshly brewed coffee, tea, or hot chocolate? We’re here for you!

Now let’s get comfortable in the Teton Touring SUV and begin our day.

I have lived in and around Jackson for a long time and know the town very well.
 If you have any questions, please ask!

We can discuss the local establishments because I certainly have my favorites!

Let’s drive through Jackson and head north along the Elk Refuge.

We continue up to the rim of the Refuge and suddenly Jackson Hole opens before us.

I have witnessed this beautiful scene a thousand times and never cease to be amazed by the natural beauty before me, and you will be too.

On our left are the Tetons, dominated by the Grand, on our right the Gros Ventre mountain range, filled with wildlife.

While driving through the Hole, we can stop as often and as long as you want, taking pictures, relaxing or simply taking in the overwhelming vistas before us. We are never in a hurry. Remember, you set the schedule.

We travel up Highway 191, the John D. Rockefeller Memorial Highway, past Moose Junction on our left and Blacktail Butte on our right.

There are lots of opportunities to stop and photograph the scenery, so don’t be shy. Your wish is our command.

I also point out a few of my favorite places to stop for viewing and photo opportunities as we journey north for about 30 miles.

Reaching the northern end of the Hole, we turn right. This is my favorite part of Jackson Hole.

We pass through beautiful meadows, thick stands of forest, we cross rivers and creeks with few if any other visitors in sight.

We begin our ascent of the Continental Divide, climbing Togwotee Pass.
 You will love it up here!

We are heading to Wind River Lake, which sits at an elevation of 9609 feet and is surrounded by the Wind River Mountain Range.

We pull off and park and there will be few if any other visitors.

We can stroll around the Lake, on an easy walking path.

The photo ops are endless.

From the vicinity of the Lake, another little known but compelling glimpse of the Teton Range can be seen from atop the Divide.

Remember, we are at 9600 feet and the view of Jackson Hole and the Tetons at this elevation provides a completely different perspective.

Jackson Lake is breathtaking — is your camera ready?

Next, we drive down towards Moran Junction, named after Thomas Moran, the painter.

And if you haven’t already, we catch a glimpse of Mt. Moran you will never forget.

We enter the Grand Teton National Park and head up towards Colter Bay.

On our way we pass Ox Bow Bend, made famous in the black and white Ansel Adams photograph.

We arrive at Colter Bay, named after John Colter, the “Mountain Man” who accompanied Captains Lewis and Clark expedition

At Colter Bay, we take the two-mile hike on Swan Lake Loop along the banks of Jackson Lake.

The view of Mt. Moran on the eastern shore of the lake is breathtaking.

We hike to Swan Lake, over gentle terrain, and then relax on the lake shore.

This lake is often filled with beaver — you never know just what we might see!

Walking back to Colter Bay, we relax at the Visitor Center and the picnic area. I packed a great lunch!

Enjoy the beauty of the day, the natural surroundings, maybe some wildlife (up to them!)

Back on board our Teton Touring SUV, we head towards Moran Junction.

Before we reach the junction, though, we turn right at Jackson Lake, cross the Snake River and drive along the eastern lake shore.

Turning left off the highway, we take Signal Mountain Road to the very top of Signal Mountain , elevation 7,720 feet.

This is quite an anomaly — Signal Mountain is an isolated summit on the floor of Jackson Hole. The view from the top provides a completely different look at the Grand Teton, Mt. Moran, and the entire Teton Mountain Range.

Get your cameras ready, because there are many unique photographic opportunities at this exclusive vantage point.

Few people ever view Jackson Hole in its entirety from this mountain top vista.

We continue our drive through Grand Teton National Park, stopping anytime you say.

Back on the road, we continue our drive along Jackson Lake, passing through open meadows with mountain views.

Let’s take take Jenny Lake Road.

Mt. Moran is so close, you think you could reach out and touch it!

Then we’re off along Jenny Lake itself —  a lovely drive. 
We are heading for Moose, WY, situated right on the Snake River.
 There is a lot of early Jackson Hole history that centers around Moose.

We stop at the Chapel of the Transfiguration and visit the original  Ferry Crossing.

Then, crossing the Snake again, we  stop at Dornans Moose Trading Post.

From the balcony of this family-owned landmark, well, you just have to see for yourself.

After refreshing ourselves, having relaxed just a bit, we head back to Jackson.

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